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Sunday April 21, 2002

        HOW TO USE DTG (Duty To God)    
Welcome to DTG Award Tracking System.  This system is simple in its concept and design.

 There are several record types [ Deacon / Teacher / Priest / Parent / Advisor].  You define the type of record at creation time.  The system treats [ Deacon / Teacher / Priest /Parent ] types as the same.  The [ Advisor ] type works differently and has additional features.

The most important thing to know is that the Advisor records are linked to either the Deacon / Teacher / Priest or all three based on the Quorum Id field.  All of the young men's accounts that you need access to must have the same Quorum Id.  If you are an advisor, it would either be best if you created the accounts for your young men, or decide  what your Quorum Id should be and let the young men know before they create their records.  If your young men create their accounts without knowing the Quorum Id, it can be added later under Change Profile.  The Quorum Id shouldn't be your ward or stake but rather something unique like a  "password" in order to protect the information of your quorum, and only given to those who need access to the system.  (So, if I were a Bishop or the Young men's president I would assign the quorum id to all of my young men's records, and if they had already signed up, I would ask them to update their record and change their quorum id to be the same one that I'm using.  That way you as the advisor will be able to update their records.)

After creating an account, you can login and track the progress by selecting Update Requirements.  From there you can mark whether the requirement is being worked on, or if it has been completed.  Select Save Changes on the bottom of the page, and the requirement(s) will be updated.

If you are an advisor, you will need to select the young men (associated with your Quorum Id) by clicking on Select Users.  After choosing which young men to update, click on Save Changes for Selected Users.




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